Redhawk Mentor Program User Agreement
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  This User Agreement must be submitted prior to meeting with a Career Services Advisor to gain access to the mentor database. Once this has been submitted, you will be contacted within 2 business days to set up an appointment. If you want access sooner, stop by for Express Advising. The Express Advising schedule may be found here: .
  Redhawk Network Mentor Program (RNMP): User Agreement

Thank you for your interest in the Redhawk Network Mentor Program (RNMP). The RNMP is comprised of alumni and professionals in the community who have made themselves available to Seattle University (SU) students and alumni in support of their vocational discernment and professional formation. As you engage in the RNMP, please keep in mind that you are acting as a representative of the SU community. Mentors and Mentees should notify Career Services in the event of questions, needs, difficulties, or concerns. Please share the value and usefulness of the on-line tools, trainings, and instructions with Career Services staff and let us know if you should need any assistance.

We ask all participants to abide by the following guidelines:
1. Participation in the Redhawk Network Mentor Program (RNMP) is voluntary on behalf of both mentees (current students and alumni) and mentors (current students, alumni and professionals from the community). Overall participation in the program or any mentoring relationship or interactions can be terminated by any party at any point.

2. Mentors and mentees participating in the RNMP are responsible for their own safety and wellbeing. Seattle University does not take responsibility for the actions of participating mentors or mentees. Mentors and mentees should report immediately any issues or concerns regarding mentor-mentee interactions to Career Services.

3. Expectations of the mentor/mentee relationship vary by participant and should be specified/ clarified at the onset of the relationship between mentor and mentee. However, professional conduct is expected in both mentors and mentees. Examples of this could include clear communication about meeting arrangements and cancellations, being responsive to meeting goals and agendas, not bringing unexpected guests to meetings, etc.

4. All meetings between mentors and mentees should occur in public locations such as the Seattle University campus, the Career Services office, the mentor’s company/organization office, or another appropriate public venue.

5. Inappropriate requests between mentors and mentees include, but are not limited to the following: solicitation of goods or services, romantic or sexual overtures, or harassment of any kind.

6. Privacy of personal information should be respected by both mentors and mentees. Information exchanged should be kept confidential as long as this does not interfere with safety concerns.

7. Mentors and mentees should come to meetings prepared with an open mind, positive attitude, and constructive approach to questions and conversations.

8. Initial contact between mentee and mentor should occur through the Redhawk Network.

User Agreement: By selecting "Yes" below and using an account on the Redhawk Network to post or retrieve information or to engage in mentorship activities, you agree to the foregoing terms and conditions.

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